Top 10 Solar Powered Products for Your Home

The more technologies are getting advanced, the more we’re letting ourselves attached to it. As a result, nowadays there’re lots of gadgets and home appliances without which it’ll get challenging to spend a day! On the other hand, we sometimes blame this technological advancement for the destruction of the world’s environment. But do you know that you can get the benefit of digitization and contribute to the environment at the same time? You can do that by using solar-powered gadgets. In this concept, everything will be equal the way it used to be, but the device or appliance will run on solar power and more environment friendly.

Advantages of using Solar Powered Gadgets for Home

You may wonder how much difference it’ll bring or the advantages of using solar-powered gadgets? Well, there’re plenty of good sides to using solar devices for both you and the environment as a whole.

The most common gadgets Computers and smartphones require around 15% of the energy available in domestic facilities. But if you run and charge them using solar power, you’ll be able to reduce your electric bills and save the source of non-renewable energy.

Solar gadgets such as cookers, chargers, inverters, calculators, or lights are portable and spare you from the suffering of carrying wires everywhere. Solar batteries can store power during blackouts so that you can use your devices even when electricity is not available.

Solar-powered gadgets are more sustainable than typical ones, which means less waste. Also, it’s significantly environment friendly as it reduces the unnecessary use of non-renewable energies and emission of carbon footprints.

10 Solar Powered Products You May Want for Your Home

As now you’ve already figured out the advantages, let’s enlighten you more with some solar-powered gadgets that are highly available, and you may obviously want those at your home!

Solar Powered GENERATOR

This type of generator works just like the typical ones, except it runs on the power of the sun. It can cover a large scale of devices at the same time, such as television, refrigerator, indoor lighting, etc. for a few hours. It comes with both permanent and portable sizes. The capacity of the solar generator varies from 0.1 to 2KWh. And the standard voltage rating can be 12, 24, and 48 volts. Many brands are manufacturing solar generators. You can even make a DIY one by yourself!

Solar Powered COOK-STOVE

We cook every day and for that we burn a huge amount of gas/coal/kerosene/woods. But a cook-stove that runs on solar panel will save you from the cost of those energy supplies and the planet from immense pollution that happens due to the burning of those fossil fuels. Though it was mainly invented for rural areas where people can’t afford the fossil fuels. But now city people are also getting encouraged to buy this type of cooking stove for cutting down both the cost and pollution.

Solar Powered LED LIGHT

LED lights are already known for efficiency and cutting costs. And now, both LED and solar energy has merged to provide more sustainable and inexpensive lighting for your whole house, both indoor and outdoor. It’ll serve you with more effective illumination, optimized system efficiency, and extended battery runtime. All of this will be available with a minimal electricity expense that you’ve to bear before!

Solar Powered FAN

Solar-powered fans are not only fantastic for cooling and ventilating the attic. They’re now replacing electrically powered blades and keeping your homes comfortable during hot summers! This type of fan generally doesn’t require any secondary power source. It also helps to lessen the burden on your AC unit and reduces the electricity bill to almost half than it was before! The fans are also capable of working in off-grid areas.


A solar-powered wireless keyboard is entirely wireless, and there are no hassles for batteries. Once fully charged with solar power, it’s capable of running for almost three months, even in total darkness! Some keyboards of this type can be charged on any light source. Solar keyboards are more sustainable and better performing than those electrical ones.

Solar Powered BACKPACKS

Solar power backpack works typically as a portable solar panel. This backpack gives you the benefit of charging your gadgets while traveling. It offers you to charge various devices at the same time. USB charging portals, Bluetooth speakers, wall socket, etc. options are provided there. You can even have a removable solar charger from the backpack. So, no more worries about your batteries getting dead while traveling!

Solar Powered JACKET

You won’t have to worry about the warmth or running to the fireplaces during chilly winters! Because solar-powered jackets will save you from that hazard. This jacket is made up of special fabric that captures heat from the sun that converts the energy into thermal power. As a result, only one jacket like this keeps you warm than five other regular jackets. So now, you can explore the outside even on a snowy day with solar-powered jackets!

Solar Powered CHARGER

You can now use the sun to charge your phone! When it comes to solar-powered products, the charger is considered as the most useful and efficient. Because they are completely portable and once charged, it’s capable of serving you for an extended period. Whether there’s a blackout or you’ve to charge your devices urgently, solar-powered chargers are there for your rescue. These chargers are also more stylish and sustainable than other ones.

Solar Powered LAPTOPS

Solar-powered laptops have built-in PV solar panels to run and recharge its battery. This type of laptop can run up to 14hrs, without any extra support. This type of laptop can prevent nearly one ton of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. So just think how much you’ll be contributing to the environment by using this type of laptop.


Air conditioners are mostly blamed for harming the environment. But what if we tell you ACs can also contribute to the environment positively? Solar-powered ACs run on a system that utilizes solar power. The technology is made to use mostly renewable energies. It saves your electricity bills considerably and reduces the emission of carbon footprint. It’s not quite famous yet, but manufacturers are hopeful to provide you more advanced and eco-friendly ACs as soon as possible.

Go Digital. Go Green.

Using renewable energies has become a compulsory duty for us. Many countries are using solar products actively now. But we shouldn’t think of it as a burden because solar power comes with many advantages that more works like blessings! And by starting to utilize this source with solar-powered gadgets will make a big difference in both of our lives and environment.

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