10 Easy Ways to Use Solar Energy

Sun is the ultimate source of all energy and power of our earth, which is called solar energy. This energy is renewable and can be used in various ways that can keep environmental sustainability and save us thousands of dollars every year and our planet too! But don’t just think that solar panels are the only way to use this energy. There are various ways, and each of them is equally easy and cost-effective. You can make your life more standard and comfortable without spending a vast amount of money. And you’ll be able to serve your environment too!

Why should you use solar energy?

The earth has blessed with numerous sources of energy and their benefits, but most of them are non-renewable. And the way we have been consuming those energies, soon they’ll get decayed. And the cost of using different energies are rising too. Also, it is affecting the world’s environment alarmingly! But that doesn’t mean that we’ve to pause everything and get back to zero. There are renewable alternatives, and Solar Power is the most effective and effortless among them. One of the advantages of solar generation over the use of fossil fuels is that solar power does not harm the environment. It requires low maintenance, sustainable, non-polluting, adaptive to different situations, can be used in both small and large scales, and many more. By using this power, we can cut back the dependency on other energies and save our money too! And as it is entirely eco-friendly, we’ll be able to minimize the harm we’ve done to this planet.

Now the question is, What are the Easy Ways to Use Solar Energy?

Generate Your Electricity

This feature is the most common and accessible application of solar energy among the years. You can generate use solar power at home and reduce the electricity bill. You can consider solar power for industrial use too. All you have to do is install a solar PV system in your home or factory’s rooftop and connect it with the power grid. It will serve you for more than 20 years without any massive maintenance. This system can store energy during the daytime and continue to produce energy during night or rainy days. Your electricity cost will be reduced by half than it was before.

Grow your food

With the power of sunlight, you can grow crops that you may not generally produce because of the difference in the environment and soil. You can even be able to extend the season for growing a particular crop. And tall, this can be done with a greenhouse. The structure of a greenhouse can capture solar radiant energy to heat, cool and ventilate for plants to grow. You can control the air and moisture of that particular greenhouse area for the crops you want to grow. With these techniques, different countries are now able to grow food that was not possible in their open environment and have reduced their dependency on other countries.

Use Solar Power at Home

You can use solar power to light both your home and office. And the setup isn’t complicated at all and is entirely wireless. It can produce light on your LED bulbs as the way you want, either landscape light or spotlighting or anything. This method is convenient for your whole central lighting system. It works even night and very energy-efficient. Solar lighting is also being used as road signs, street light, security lights, etc.  This is how you use solar power in your home for a greater benefit.

Ventilate You Home

During the hot summer, all you want is a ventilated, fresh home. But it gets costly with the usage of AC. With solar-energized ventilation fans, you can enjoy a cold feeling at your home in an inexpensive way—the fans with small panels of photo-electric cells entirely run through solar energy. You can use those fans on your home, office, garage, or anywhere and keep it running without worrying about the electricity bills!

Thermal Power Production

In winter, you can warm your home and office with the power of the sun by producing thermal energy. The implementation is straightforward and saves you from spending lots of money on a home heating system or for gas and oils to warm-up your factory. The solar panels will capture the power coming from the sun and converts into heat. Thermal energy can be used to heat the water as well. For many countries, power outage is really a big problem. You can also use solar panels during power outage.

Cook your food

Other fuel energies that we use for cooking such as, gas, kerosene, firewood, coal, etc., are diminishing and getting costly day by day. But you can simply cut the cost through solar energy. And it’s much easier than you could imagine. All you need is a box, aluminium foil, cooking bag, duct tape, thermometer, and Styrofoam insulation. The container will focus the sunlight inside and produce heat. And you’ll be able to cook just the way you used to do it before but with a minimal cost.

Power your electronics.

Solar powers can be used to charge and run different electronics we everyday use, such as mobile, laptop, AC, watches, driers, refrigerators, thermostats, etc. Through this, we can change the way of using power and develop more energy independence. The solar batteries can generate DC and able to store power up to 120 volt, which is sufficient to serve your entire house.

Solar Pumping

Solar pumping is a bit complex than other implementation and requires high technical expertise and solar powered products. But it’s very economical in the long run as it can pump thousands of gallons of water per day with head varying from 100-600 ft. It can be beneficial during the farming process in summer.

Uses of Solar Energy for Transportation.

The PV energy generated from the sun can be used for transportation such as cars, planes, subway, trains, buses, etc. These vehicles can run entirely on solar power and reduce a considerable amount of carbon emissions. In China, you’ll see how they’ve transformed their buses into solar bussed successfully and cutting the cost of fuels.

Uses of Solar Power for Telecommunication Networks

The telecommunication towers can be run on solar energy without using power grids or Diesel generators. By this, we’ll be able to improve the network connection in remote areas where those two facilities are not available, using clean energy. It can be very cost-effective and can provide a robust network, just like other stations though it requires advanced solar products as well.

Bottom Line

We’re running out of the storage of non-renewable energies. But if we start to transfer our indecency from those sources to solar power, we’ll favour the entire humankind and the earth. The process and ways of utilizing solar energy are getting more advanced day by day. With all the benefits and simplicity, we should utilize this power as soon as possible for our good.



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